Hunts with Chris & Cody

Trophy Whitetail Bow, Rifle, and Muzzle Loader Hunting

We are located in South West Kansas in unit 18 in the County of Meade. We have been fortunate enough to have leased over 22,000 acres of the most desireable hunting property in Kansas.  Our properties are a combination of canyons, fields and creek bottoms which we use to allow hunters a combination of hunting tactics. These are 100% Free ranging trophy whitetails that have plenty of food choices on the property ranging from standing corn fields, milo, wheat and of course our many acres of Whitetail Institute seed mixes.  Needless to say we have a very healthy whitetail herd along with many trophy mule deer, turkey and an abundance of predators. Over the past 10+ years we have been diligent in our management strategies with a Bow Hunting ONLY approach. This has given us a fantastic age structure and has increased the number of MATURE BUCKS on the property.  A part of our management structure has been to keep the number of hunters to an absolute minumum and harvesting ONLY mature bucks. Each deer harvested must be a minimum of 125" and a minimum of 3.5 years old. This system helps maintain our age structure and keeps hunters from taking less-than-desirable deer from the properties.

NEW for 2011: We will be opening our property up to a very FEW number of rifle and/or muzzle loader hunters.

Hunting Philosophy

We believe that in order to be successful, you should plan on being in the field as long as physically possible. You cannot harvest deer if you are not in the woods. We believe that being scent free is not an option, being undetected going to and from the stand is very important. We truly believe in keeping our stands fresh by keeping "FOOT" traffic to a minimum at all stand locations (NO Wandering around). We believe that scents should be used only at the discretion of your guides. We believe that ANY shot arrow will be considered a kill unless your guides determine differently.


Non-residents must enter into the deer tag lottery.  The deer license draw begins on April 1 and ends on April 30. You MUST apply on-line at The results of the draw will be available on-line after June 1 at

**We also mandate that all hunters also purchase a doe permit along with their game tag.