Your Guides - Chris Fletcher, Cody Keith, Drew Glenn, And Dr. Anthony Ellis

Chris and Sylvia Fletcher on a hunt

Chris Fletcher or "FLETCH" as known in the industry is co-owner of Kansas Hunting Expereince and one of the most experienced hunters and guides in the industry today.

Chris has been a Mathews Pro Staff member for many years and has many professional archery and hunting accalades on his resume. When Fletch is not on the archery tour or managing his wife on stages throught the world, he can be found in the deer woods preparing for the season. Fletch has not only taken some seriously BIG whitetails in his numerous years of hunting he has guided many a hunter to his trophy of a lifetime. Fletch was born and raised in the deer woods of the Adirondack Mountains and still spends a lot of time challenging his hunting skills in those same mountains he cut his hunting teeth on as a young boy. The Adirondacks are not for the casual hunter or the faint at heart. When it comes to hunting, it is known as one of the harshest and most challenging whitetail hunting locations in the world. You will never find a more serious hunter or a more knowledgable guide for your hunt. Come hunt with Chris and give yourself the chance to harvest that trophy of a life time and enjoy "Your Kansas Hunting Experience..

Chris and Sylvia Fletcher on a hunt

Cody Keith co-owner of Kansas Hunting Expereince was born and raised in the Colorado Mountains. He spent his younger years chasing Elk and Mule deer all over the mountain tops and has a number of trophy Elk along with Trophy whitetails to his credit. Cody spent time guiding for Tamarack Outfitters on the Giles Ranch in Ashland, KS where Realtree Owner Bill Jordan was know to frequent and most notably missed the "Barbwire Buck". Cody is not only an outstanding whitetail hunter, but an incredible guide, master in the field of whitetails, and local expert in wildlife movement and habits. Cody works and lives in Meade County and keeps close watch over the properties that we lease. If Cody can't find you that buck of a lifetime, knowone can. Come hunt with Cody and live "Your" Kansas Hunting Expereince".

Drew was born and raised in Southwest, KS. His passion for hunting whitetails is only surpassed by his passion for guiding his clients to Monster sized whitetails, Turkeys, pheasant, and quail. Drew has been hunting whitetail and upland birds for over 23 years. He took an interest in hunting after watching his dad go on hunting trips and coming back and telling the stories that went along with the trips. Drew was fortunate enough to have the land in his family to hunt on and Kansas Hunting Experience uses that same property today to kill so of it giant whitetails. Drew has Hunted and killed every deer in his life on the same 800 acres. When Drew isn't hunting he can be found planting crops, loading up feeders or scouting his property for the next world record. Through strict deer management practices Drew has grown the deer on his property to world class size.



Dr. Tony Ellis has been hunting whitetails for well over 30 years. He is one of the most talented chiropractors in the nation and is a master in ART. He is not only passionate about his hunting, but is a father of 3 young and up coming hunters and guides. Tony has hunted big game all over the country, but gets extremely excited about hunting whitetails in his home state of Nebraska. When Tony isn't hunting he can be found on his numerous properties getting them ready for his clients, friends, and family. You want a great guide and an even better person, you need to hunt with this guy.







Our Guides can be seen on the "The Season" with Justin Martin on the Sportsmans Channel. You will be able to share in their hunting expereince and see some incredible footage of the deer they take and the ones that are still running.